New USPSTF cervical cancer screening draft recommendations are a step back for women’s health and would put lives at risk!

Pap+HPV Together™ (co-testing) was NOT INCLUDED. Download a template letter and urge USPSTF to reconsider by October 13, 2017.

We are concerned that lives of women will be at risk if denied access to, and reimbursement for, co-testing as a result of the USPSTF draft recommendations.1

USPSTF analysis does not reflect current US medical practice:

  • Did not take into account HPV negative cervical cancers.2
  • 5 of 7 studies evaluated used conventional cytology.
  • HPV tests used did not have FDA approval for HPV-Alone* screening.2
  • All studies used HPV DNA testing.
  • Did not use genotyping as a part of co-testing.2
  • Despite inferior sensitivity inputs HPV-Alone* showed decreased mortality rates vs. co-testing.2

Recent HRSA recommendations and ACOG guidelines include co-testing for women age 30-65 as the preferred screening strategy for cervical cancer.3,4